Veranstalter: Euro Exhibition Services Soc. Cons. A.R.L.

Beginn: 16.10.2018 0:00 Uhr | Ende: 18.10.2018 0:00 Uhr

Region: DE Nord, DE West, DE Ost, DE Süd, Österreich, Schweiz
Seminarart: Messe oder Ausstellung
Arbeitsbereich: Spargel


International Asparagus Days is a three-day (from Tuesday 16th to Thursday 18th October 2018) international event dedicated to green and white asparagus. This edition follows the French one which occured in 2013.

This event will consist of four elements:

- the exhibition (Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th October), covering each and every aspect of the asparagus supply chain: from seeds, crowns and plants up to the manufacturing of machinery and technologies for sowing, transplanting, harvesting and packaging

- an extensive programme of conferences (Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th October) on the agronomic, commercial and technological aspects of asparagus growing. Key topics will include low environmental impact techniques, such as the use of antagonistic microorganisms on traditional and organic crops, as well as the different crop varieties. The spotlight will be on the exhibitors and particularly on the sponsors, who will have a platform to introduce the audience to their products and techniques

- a series of live demonstrations on the exhibition site (Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th October) taking place in a special area, adjacent to the Cesena Fiera exhibition halls. The exhibitors will have the chance to showcase their latest innovations in asparagus growing

- a selection of technical visits (Thursday 18th October), devoted to asparagus production and marketing, to choose between one in Emilia-Romagna region or another one in Veneto region



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